Investing in Cricket: Analysing the Potential of CSK Shares

Look no further for analysing the potential of CSK share for investing in the cricket unicorn to yield huge profits. Undoubtedly, CSK is the most popular franchisee among others in the IPL because of its captain, cool Dhoni, and because it won the cup five times out of the ten times it played in the finals. Also, many experts confirm that it has a better brand identity and value than other IPL teams for the yellow jerseys storming to the stadiums for all its matches. As per the Times of India report, its brand value is over 1,700 crore rupees as of fiscal 2023, with a profit and revenue of  138 and 3258  million rupees, respectively. 

So, continue reading this blog until the end to analyse the potential of CSK ipo shares in detail for making your investing in cricket most profitable, as millions like you treat it as not only a religion but also a sound investment to yield high returns. 

Track record of the CSK shares potential

CSK, captained by cool Dhoni, is the most famous IPL team that even the rival Mumbai Indians fans love to watch the team play. It is why MA Chidambaram, the home stadium of CSK in Chennai with a capacity of around 40,000, is full, even with ticket prices ranging in the thousands. So is the popularity of unlisted CSK shares in the grey market, trading at around 180 rupees for the past year. This is why the price went from Rs. 40 in December 2020 to Rs. 180 in December 2023. The significant rise of around five times to even trade at its all-time high of Rs. 205 is because of its huge potential.  

In-depth analysis of the CSK unlisted share potential

IPL match viewers are increasing every year worldwide because of its rising popularity, especially for the CSK matches. In 2023, CSK beat the Gujarat Titans in a thrilling final game for having the most viewers on the media. With BCCI raising the prize money to around 25%, it enabled CSK to win a whopping 20 crores as it lifted the cup in 2023. Among the ten finals it has played so far, it is the fifth time it has won the cup to level with the Mumbai Indians. Hence, it taps revenue from many sources to increase its potential and profits to raise its unlisted share value. Only realising its potential, the founding company India Cements holds over 30% of the share, LIC over 6%, and the remaining by promoters and HNIs. 

The above facts providing a detailed analysis of the CSK unlisted share potential will convince you to invest in cricket through reputed online platforms for yielding windfall profits.

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